Brief over view of our Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Protection discipline capabilities:

Structural Design and analysis:

1.   Lateral and gravity load design of building and utility structures using the following materials:

    • Concrete
    • Steel
    • Wood
    • Reinforced masonry
    • Aluminum
    • Post tensioned / Precast Concrete

2.    Foundations:

    • Shallow (Mat slabs spread footings etc.)
    • Deep (Pile and Caissons)
    • Wood
    • Underpinning

3.    Retaining walls, buttress, sheet piling:

    • Marine structures
    • Turning dolphins
    • Piles in marine environment

4.    Storage tanks
5.    Parking Garages
6.    Monumental stairs
7.    Industrial Platforms
8.    Overhead crane supports
9.    Isolation Pads

Structural (Building/Infrastructure) Includes Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Healthcare and Aviation (Airports) related projects.

    • Planning Approvals
    • Agency Permits & Approvals
    • Construction Support Services
    • Scheduling
    • Green Technology upgrades


      • Grading/Contour Plan
      • Storm-water Management
      • Erosion & Sedimentation Control
      • Roadway & Pavement Design
      • Parking Lots & Sidewalk Design

Electrical / Mechanical and Fire Protection upgrades and ground up analysis, design and documentation:

Due Diligence survey:

    • Survey of power supply systems. Evaluation of fuse / Panel boxes, lighting, power distribution, life safety systems, emergency power and lighting, lightning protection systems.

Packaged software currently in use:

    • ETABS
    • SAFE
    • ADAPT
    • ADOSS
    • PCA MATS
    • RISA
    • In house developed software

Building Inspections:

    • Building Envelope Inspection
    • Façade Inspection
    • Roof Inspection
    • Special Inspection / Controlled Inspection
    • Pre & Post-Construction Inspections
    • Load Rating of Structures


    • Bridge
    • Pavement /Roadway /Sidewalk
    • Retaining walls
    • Parking Lots


ATG provides services needed to design, optimize, and upgrade, wireless infrastructure.
We offer complete engineering design service in structural design, analysis and retrofit
Geo-technical evaluations and land survey. We use state of the art design and analysis techniques which include the use of latest software.
Our team of experienced professionals provides technical services to the customer for site-specific engineering. ATG is responsible for analyzing and satisfying our customer’s requirements. We endeavor to provide on time and economical solutions.

Services Offered Include:

    • Structural analysis and technical reports
    • Tower reinforcement design
    • Roof mounted antenna, i.e. skid and wall mounted applications, platform analysis and retrofit.
    • Geotechnical investigations
    • Renewable energy solutions
    • Land surveys

Solar Module Designs

Apex technology has performed several design and analysis projects ranging from 50 kW to 1 MW. The design process has included module layout, stringing, wire design disconnect design, inverter design and connection to on grid or off grid panel boxes and to switchgear and transformers. The company has developed automated software capable of designing multiple combiner boxes based on module size selected by the contractor or as specified by Apex.The company can provide a complete site analysis which includes an audit of the existing electrical usage and the level of supplementation that a certain size of the solar module system would provide Upgrade of the existing switchgear if required is also part of the scope of the service provided by the company. See project portfolio for different projects completed by Apex in the last one and half year.

We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective and timely solution to the contractor and the end user which is primarily the dictated by the budget and the commissioning of the project as desired by the end user. The company has a dedicated staff which works around the clock to meet and exceed the expectations of the client. The company has also designed smart combiner boxes as well as monitoring systems for the arrays in the field.

Renewable Energy:

    • Green Design: (Photovoltaic Panel Design and Documentation).
    • Design and documentation of Grid Tied and off Grid PV Installation.
    • ATG LLC. provides a ground up approach for client’s needs.
    • This process includes all facets of design including stringing and conduit layouts and a complete inventory of the components required for a functional system, this includes inverter selection combiner box and fusing requirements.
    • ATG has developed in-house software to assist in the design process that has greatly reduced the production time and delivery of documents for permitting.
    • ATG also provides site survey expertise to determine existing equipment and service voltage requirements, transformer and upgrade of bus bars etc.
    • Combiner box design can be customized based on the clients requirements for fusing.